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Pitarokoilis Family

The intense geological activity that millions of years ago created in Crete the Lassithi plateau gave birth to a unique, rich and diverse ecosystem where the village of Psychro is located.

From here, as Greek mythology testifies, the creation of a new world began, since in this corner of the earth is the cave of the God of Gods, Father of Gods and people, Zeus, with the wonderful cave decoration and the many finds of worship of theogenesis.

Centuries now in this fertile corner of Crete, guided by the wisdom of the years, people are producing local products while holding on to traditions, transforming the agony of the modern world into offer and standards of life, prosperity and beauty.

Windmill Sails

The Pitarokili family is active in this environment, focusing on three productive sectors:

Cretan Pottery


Specialized production and distribution of traditional handmade ceramics.

Cretan Olive Oil

Olive Oil​

Production, standardization and marketing of extra virgin, organic olive oil.​

Cretan Herbs packed


Cretan herbs have been known and recognized since antiquity.

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From 5.50€ only 4.80€

The carob syrup which is the secret of the longevity and well-being of the Minoan era, to an innovative combination of old vinegar excellent from grapes from the Cretan earth, is ready to boost your culinary creations and to give Mediterranean aroma.

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We are ardent supporters of the tradition pottery craft to a new era. We are working carefully, in order to ensure the uniqueness of our creations. At the same time, we are trying to interpret this essential need for a qualitative improvement of our surroundings. Therefore, our next steps are rationally, but also sensitively, planned ahead. Most importantly, our small industry maintains that tradition is not a byword for repetition.

Contact us to arrange a tour at our workshops!


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Minoan Wave Pattern

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